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cowA.S.D.S.: Animal Studies Discourse Society

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We are Graduate Students for Animals, a registered student organization at Michigan State University. Our mission is to encourage positive human-animal relationships within our community. We intend to dissemenate knowledge and awareness, volunteer with local animal sanctuaries, and facilitate relationships between human and non-human animals in our midst.

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Who We Are

Graduate Students for Animals sprang from the cohesive members of the Animal Studies Program at Michigan State University . As we became increasingly aware of animal issues in our community, we made the decision to put down our books and take action. GSA was created to organize our shared desire to link learning to life. Using the knolwedge base we continue to gather within the animal studies specialization, we hope to positively alter the conditions of animals in our local environment. In turn, we are confident that these experiences greatly inform our own scholarly research.

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