Seven Mattes
Department: Anthropology, PhD
Specializations: Animal Studies; Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change
Research Interests: Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Japanese studies, Animal Studies, Gender Studies
General Interests: Activism and volunteering, vegan/vegetarian cooking, cryptozoology, camping, stargazing, adventuring/exploring, archaeology, pirates, esoteric religions/belief systems
Pets: Ooky and Bean (cats), Barricuda and Bitey (rats)


Meghan Charters
Department: Sociology, PhD
Specializations: Animal Studies, Environmental Science and Policy
Research Interests: Marine Wildlife Studies, Environmental Sociology, Animal Studies, Wildlife Law & Policy, Risk Amplification, Media Focusing Events of Human-Wildlife Conflict; Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conservation and Management
General Interests: Shark Education & Conservation, Volunteering, Hiking & Camping, People Watching
Pets: Mako, Leonard, and Penny [cats]


Jennifer Kelly
Department: Sociology, PhD
Specializations: Animal Studies; Environmental Science & Policy
Research Interests: Environmental Sociology, Animal Studies, Wildlife (Ethics, Values/Attitudes/Beliefs, Conservation Programs)
General Interests: Yoga, meditation, activism, volunteering for animal welfare, hiking, biking, beach combing, teaching indoor cycling & yoga
Pets: Serendipitous, Orville, Ping Pong, Mittens, Gandolph the Gray (cats), Rue (dog), and Foster Cats: Myne & Sammy (sisters), and Ebby



Christina Leshko
Department: Sociology,PhD
Specializations: Animal Studies
Research Interests: social constructionism, attitude formation,
perceptions of human-animal relationships, human & animal adaptations
to climate change
Pets: Lexy, rottweiler mix, & Salem, black kitten


Monica List
Department: Philosophy, PhD
Specializations: Animal Studies, Ecological Food and Farming Systems
Research Interests: Animal ethics, environmental philosophy, ecofeminism, food systems, social justice
General Interests:  Wildlife and conservation medicine, primates, urban agriculture, vegetarian cooking and eating!
Pets: Olmedo (dog), Haiku (cat)- both in Costa Rica


Kelly O'Brien
Department: Social Work, MA
Specializations: Animal Studies
Research Interests: Animal Studies, Equine Assisted Therapy
General Interests: Gardening, Hiking, Horsemanship
Pets:  Luna, Bruce, Scrappily Rappily (dogs), Hank, Petunia, Rose, the Black (horses).


Molly Tamulevich
Department: CARRS (Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies), MA
Specializations: Animal Studies
Research Interests: Pit Bulls, Rewilding, social status and animals, spay and neuter, Community Engagement
General Interests: rats, guinea pigs, vegan desserts, cryptozoology, yoga, Sci Fi, wildlife rehab, adventuring
Pets: Jambi and Paul (guinea pigs) Nova and Macchiato (rats)

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