Animal Studies Bibliography

Holden, Constance. 1990. Animal rights activism threatens dissection. Science 250 (9 November): 751.

One of the major concerns being raised by animal rights activists is the use of animals in dissection and experiments in classrooms. Concern and awareness of this issue has been raised by several students suing schools for requiring dissection, and by PETA footage of animal abuse occurring in two North Carolina suppliers of dissection animals, footage that not even opponents challenged, despite usual claims that PETA bend[s] the facts to suit its purposes. In response to these pressures, many colleges, medical schools, and veterinary schools are offering students alternatives to dissection, although only low percentages of students are currently opting out. In addition, several state legislatures have proposed bills to outlaw such animal use. This trend can be expected to continue, fueled by propaganda from groups like PETA and from makers of alternative educational materials. Some teachers and scientists fear that the pressure will make dissection become a feared topic, like evolution, which schools generally avoid teaching now as a result of the religious right's activism.


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