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Coyote Crossing, Yellwstone National Park

"Coyote Crossing, Yellowstone National Park" reproduced with permission of Paige Tucker, copyright by Paige Tucker

Marble grave stele depicting a dog

Marble grave stele depicting a dog, taken at the Athens Archeological Museum, c. 460 BC. Reproduced with permission of Linda Kalof.


Reproduced with permission of Linda Kalof.

Il Morbetto

Il Morbetto, created by Marcantonio Raimondi (1474-1534).

Ways of souls

"Ways of souls" tombs of the Emperors of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 to 1644). 50km north west of Beijing, in Changping. beijing region, ming graves, way of souls.
Source: ofol, 12/29/2005,

The goddess Bastet

"The goddess Bastet she-cat" The Louvre, Egyptian antiquities.
Source: Guillaume Blanchard, 7/2004

Il Morbetto

"Slaughterhouse opening" Munich, Germany.


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